Fiver Times

Empowering Children to Make Positive Life Choices

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Gabriela: I Acheive.

Gabriela Berroa 

Age: 19

Fiver Since: 2003

Where is she now? Gabriela is a Sophomore at Colgate University studying international relations and studio art.  

"Fiver offered me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and increase my self-esteem." 

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Vincent: I Lead.

Vincent Young

Age: 20

Fiver Since: 2000

Where is he now? Lance Corporal in the U.S. Marines, stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. He’s completed 1 tour in Afghanistan. 

"Fiver has given me a strong sense of moral courage. The program has taught me to not be a bystander but an active participant in life." 

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Allessandra: I Dream.

Allessandra Mitchell

Age: 20

Fiver Since: 2000

Where is she now? Graduate from Seton Hill College and now attending Hunter College to earn her master’s degree in school counseling. 

"My decision to continue my education through graduate school and my passion for service encompass the breadth of how Fiver programming has affected my ability to set a good example and live up to my full potential." 

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Camilo: I Aspire.

Camilo Duque

Age: 19

Fiver Since: 2003

Where is he now? Sophomore at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute studying chemical engineering. 

"Fiver embraced me and put me on the path to success. Fiver developed my leadership and public speaking skills, while also instilling in me a strong character and commitment to ethical behavior." 

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Jasmine: I Serve.

Jasmine Mari Fernandez

Age: 22 

Fiver Since: 2001

Where is she now? Graduate from Fairfield University where she majored in political science and international studies and minored in business law and ethics. She is currently completing a year-of-service as a legal caseworker for the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. 

"The support and resources I was given [at Fiver] helped shape me into a woman of confidence, integrity and ambition."